Great Grey Investments
Datacenter B.V. (GGID)

Great Grey Investments Datacenter B.V. (GGID) is a developer of data centres in Europe, with its inaugural facility in Amsterdam. GGID has its origins in integrated, sustainable area redevelopments and aims for a similar sustainable approach to data centres. Therefore, sustainability, innovation and integrity are cornerstones to GGID’s developments. 

GGID strives to apply such values at its facility in Amsterdam, Westpoort. The location allows for the creation of a closed energy loop whereby GGID has the ability to use renewable energy as input, capture the heat produced in the data centre and to inject the heat into the district heating networks for reuse in homes, offices and enterprises.

This combined with the specific location which is in fact one of the best-connected spots in Europe, will allow the data centre to become a landmark in Amsterdam and an example for future sustainable developments.

Great Grey Investments Datacenter B.V.